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33 Jon Boat Accessories You Need For Your Boat

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Driving jon boat over water.

If you’re looking to purchase a Jon boat, or maybe you already have one, figuring out all the things you need can be a tricky process.

Using your boat can be uncomfortable or downright impossible without the right gear. Some items can also be a real help to improve your overall experience out on the water.

Here are 33 Jon boat accessories you’ll want to bring along no matter where your travels and adventures take you!

1. Seat Cushion

One of the main things you’re going to be doing in your Jon boat is sitting. You’ll be much more comfortable with a seat cushion on top of the built-in metal seats. This is a cost-effective solution when having multiple passengers aboard.

2. Jon Boat Cover

When your boat is not in use, it’s important to keep it protected from the elements. A solid Jon boat cover will keep weather and other creatures from getting inside.

3. Low-Back Seat

If you’re looking for a little more comfort in your seating, a couple of low back seats go a long way. A proper seat with a backrest is quite an upgrade from metal seats or cushions.

4. Boat Seat Swivel

In addition to your low-back seat, you’ll want to install it with a boat seat swivel. A swivel will allow you to rotate your seat for better angles while operating the motor or fishing.

5. Trolling Motor

Traveling across the lake, river, stream, or ocean is much easier with a small trolling motor attached to your Jon boat. You can reach speeds of 5 to 15 mph depending on the strength of your motor and total weight inside the boat. Trust me, it’s much better than paddling along a heavy boat with oars.

6. Trolling Motor Battery

To power your trolling motor, you’ll need a large trolling motor battery. For an average trip around the lake, it may only use about 15% of the total battery. You can expect to get some decent range on a battery like this one.

7. Battery Charger

Of course, to then power your battery, you’ll want a battery charger. The charger can plug right into a standard outlet and then the clamps connect right to your marine battery.

8. Mushroom Anchor

This is a fantastic small anchor for holding your boat in place while out the water. If you plan on fishing on your boat or holding a steady position, you’ll want a small mushroom anchor.

9. Anchor Line

To use your anchor, you need an anchor line. Simple as that.

10. Dock Line

When bringing your boat back into the dock, it can be a bit tricky. A solid dock line with some bumpers can absorb some of the shocks when easing in and docking your boat.

11. Emergency Paddle

If you happen to run out of juice on your trolling motor battery, or something with your motor malfunctions, it’s always a good idea to bring along an extra emergency paddle with you. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the lake trying to cup your hands and scoop water to get back to land.

12. Marine Air Horn

For safe boating in fog, rain, and darkness, a marine air horn can come quite handy. The sound travels over water and can be heard from up to a mile away. It’s compact and easy to store as well.

13. Fishing Rod Holder

For all the people who plan to fish on their Jon boat, a sturdy fishing rod holder is a must. This allows you to hold your rod while doing other things in your boat, and keep it safe from falling into the water.

14. PFD Life Vest

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to wear a PFD anytime you’re out on the water in case you happen to fall in. If you plan on having kids out on the boat, it can give you some ease of mind.

15. Boat Cooler

Beer, water, soda, and lunch. When you’re out on the water you’ll want to bring along some cold drinks and snacks. A small boat cooler can keep everything cool and easy to access.

16. Marine Dry Bag

If there’s anything you bring along that you don’t want to get wet, a marine dry bag could be the perfect solution for you. Throw in a phone, wallet, or keys and keep them safe from getting ruined.

17. Drink Cup Holder

When out on the water it can be difficult to find a spot to place your drink without worrying that it will tip over and spill in the boat. A clip-on drink cup holder will keep your drink safe.

18. Drain Plug

If you plan to put in a drainage hole in your Jon boat, you’ll need a drain plug. This process can make it much easier to empty out the water instead of having to flip your boat upside down.

19. LED Boat Lights

When boating near dusk or dawn, or at night, you’ll want some bright lights to stay safe out on the water. These ones are quite bright and will provide plenty of additional light.

20. Fold-Down Stern Light

These navigational lights are necessary for boating at night. The low profile base will fold down during the daytime as well.

21. Marine Caddy

Organized storage can be a challenge in a small Jon boat. A compact marine caddy can hold your drink, phone, fishing supplies, and anything else you could think of.

22. Boat Paint

Over time your Jon boat may need a few touch-ups to keep it looking fresh and protected from the water.

23. LED Light Strip

For those looking to deck out their boat, LED light strips are the perfect addition. Cool lights with vibrant colors will shine out on the water in the dark and provide some extra light.

24. Battery Meter

If you want to know how much juice is left in your battery while using your trolling motor, a tiny battery meter can give you some additional insights. This way, you don’t run out halfway through your trip.

25. Fishing Rod Rack

Instead of an upright rod holder, a fishing rod rack can store more than one rod in a neat and organized fashion.

26. Waterproof Phone Holder

In addition to a dry bag, a waterproof phone holder can allow you to operate your phone through the clear plastic.

27. Dock Cleat

To tie your boat to your dock, you’ll need some sturdy dock cleats. Simple as that.

28. Key Float

If you ever happen to accidentally drop your keys in the water, you’ll be happy you’ve got a key float on them. Otherwise, good luck finding your keys at the bottom of the water.

29. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Playing music makes everything more fun when boating. Feel free to use this speaker without worrying if it gets a little wet.

30. Storage Trunk

Better organization is always a challenge in a boat. A small storage trunk can hold all your gear you need without it sliding around at the bottom of your boat.

31. Bilge Pump

If you prefer to get water out without flipping your boat upside down or using a drainage hole and plug, then a bilge pump can make getting water out easy.

32. Fish Finder

For the fishermen out there, a solid fish finder mounted to your Jon boat can make all the difference when looking for good spots to fish.

33. Solar Charger

In addition to your trolling motor battery, a solar charger can provide an extra battery source to charge up your phone or speaker.


These Jon boat accessories have been sourced from a variety of boaters to create the ultimate compiled list. This way, you get a diversified viewpoint of what you may need for your boat.

Hope this list helps you with your adventures and travels out on the water!

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Note: We may earn commissions from the links within this post.

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