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50+ Must Have Pontoon Boat Accessories in 2022

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Pontoon Boat Accessories

When gearing up for the boating season, it’s a great time to get some new pontoon boat accessories. We’ll take a look at the top 50+ best accessories for your pontoon boat.

These items range from fun, “must-haves”, and practical items you should have on your boat. You’ll also find all the cool things you can buy to pimp up your pontoon boat and customize it. I hope you find these essentials useful and fun for your family.

Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

1. Bimini Top

Of all things you can get for your boat, a proper bimini top is one of the best upgrades you can make. Protect yourself and your passengers from rain or shine with 600D polyester canvas that’s marine grade.

2. Boat Fender/Bumper

Docking a pontoon boat can be a real pain in the butt. Let’s just say there may be some expletives involved from the captain to their first mate. This is a funny type of pillow that any pontoon owner can relate with.

3. Undermount Folding Ladder

Getting in and out of the water without a proper ladder can be hard, and it’s easy to slip and fall. With an under-mount folding ladder, you can provide a safe way for your passengers and family to get back on the boat. When you’re hitting the motor to high gear it folds right back up too!

4. Bungee Dock Lines

One of the more practical accessories, a solid dock line can go a long way when bringing your boat into the dock. It’s a tricky process and this can help absorb some of the shocks when easing in and docking your boat.

5. Boat Scuff Eraser

Another practical item, a boat scuff eraser is quite useful to remove marks and dirt to really polish a pontoon boat. No need for a professional detailing company, and you’ve got a tool more heavy-duty than Mr. Clean magic erasers.

6. Pontoon Trailer Guide-Ons

Bringing your pontoon boat back into the trailer in the water can be a challenging process. To alleviate the stress, this guide-on is a real lifesaver.

7. Boat Cup Holder

Finding a place to put your drink on the boat can be difficult. This is a fantastic gadget that adds more cup holders that can clip right onto the bimini top poles.

8. Pontoon Docktail Bar

This “docktail” cocktail bar adds more table space for food and drinks when out on the pontoon boat. Whether it’s beer, vodka, soda, spiked seltzer, or anything else, you’ve got more room for it. A great item for boat parties and days on the water!

9. Tabletop Gas Grill

Cooking burgers and hotdogs out on the water is the perfect way to feed friends and family out on the boat. With gas, you don’t have to worry about plugging into electric power.

10. Pontoon Boat Grill Mount

Depending on how much table space there is on the boat, a grill mount may be the perfect accessory. This allows you to mount a grill over the side rail so it doesn’t take any more space on board. Get ready to cook up some burgers and franks!

11. Boat Trash Can

Trash management is something many people overlook out on the water. This is a great item that’s much nicer than just using a small grocery bag or kitchen bag for trash. With dedicated boat trash, you’ve also got something that doesn’t blow around in the wind.

12. Waterproof Playing Cards

Playing cards are a popular pick for drinking games and fun with the family. When out on the water, it’s easy to get regular cards soaked and ruined. Instead, you can grab a pack of these waterproof cards!

13. Marine LED Light Strips

For those looking to deck out their pontoon boat, LED light strips are the perfect addition. Cool lights with vibrant colors will shine out on the water in the dark and provide some extra light.

14. Captain Sailor’s Hat

For the sailor schtick, this is the perfect hat for you. Play along with the costume hat to make the complete gag of the pontoon boat sailor.

15. Fishing Rod Holder

For all the people who plan to fish on their pontoon boat, a sturdy fishing rod holder is a must. This allows you to hold your rod while doing other things in your boat, and keep it safe from falling into the water.

16. Portable Toilet

One of the top concerns people have about going out on the boat is: how do you go to the bathroom? A simple solution is to use a portable toilet. These are easy to tuck away and store for times when you’ve gotta go when out on the water. This is the best option for a pontoon boat bathroom.

17. Boat Canvas Snapper

Using a pontoon boat cover is a great way to keep a pontoon boat in good condition when it’s not in use. Taking that canvas and cover off can be difficult without a proper boat canvas snapper.

18. Boat Cleaning Kit

Keeping a boat clean can be a difficult task. A nice boat cleaning kit can go a long way for keeping a boat nice for when it’s being used. This is a great package to add to any boat!

19. Large Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

When listening to music on the boat, you’ll want good audio. Some boats come with a built-in stereo system (although some aren’t the best, or don’t work at all). For most pontoon boaters, this is a perfect choice to get sound on the go with a Bluetooth portable speaker. This provides a loud volume at a large size and can be taken outside with 40 hours of playtime.

20. Portable Cooler Bag

Beer, water, soda, and lunch. When you’re out on the water you’ll want to bring along some cold drinks and snacks. A small boat cooler can keep everything cool and easy to access in a convenient location.

21. Inflatable Beer Pong

Easily one of the coolest things on the list, this inflatable beer pong set is perfect for the pontoon boater who loves to throw boat parties. Take your best shot at the game and move it around for more fun with friends.

22. 1-4 Rider Towable Tube

Riding along in a towable tube is one of the most fun things to do when out on a boat. This one is versatile, sturdy, and offers plenty of different riding positions. For the pontoon boat owner with kids, there isn’t better fun other than what’s next in this list.

23. Pontoon Slide

Alongside the towable tube, you’ve got the inflatable slide. A pontoon slide is simply amazing for hours of fun at all ages. Adults and kids can enjoy this when out on the water.

24. Diving Board

Aside from jumping off the edge of the pontoon boat, you can get a full diving board! This diving board is sturdy and adds loads of fun for adults and kids.

25. YETI Cooler

When you’re out on the water you’ll want to bring along some cold drinks and snacks. A full-size boat cooler such as this one from YETI can keep everything cool and easy to access.

26. Fish Finder

For the pontoon boat fishermen out there, a fish finder is a great choice. Quite self-explanatory, this makes finding fish a whole lot easier when looking for locations.

27. UV Boat Protectant

In addition to cleaning your boat, protecting it is also essential. A solid UV protectant spray can go a long way to keep the materials fresh and shielded from harsh sun damage.

28. Dock Lines

In addition to some standard dock lines, a pack of heavy braided ropes can make docking a bit easier. It’s a necessary evil all boat owners must face when going out on the water (to dock the boat!).

29. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit can be that preparation for if you need to treat minor aches and injuries. With lots of time spent outside on the pontoon boat, it’s smart to carry along with these supplies in case of an emergency.

30. Boat Beer Coolies

Another fun item, this multi-pack of coolies offers plenty of boats and nautical-inspired designs. Perfect for any pontoon owner’s collection of drink coolies.

31. YETI Rambler Insulated Mug

For those not drinking beer or soda in cans, this is a fantastic option to hold wine, mixed drinks, water, or anything else you like! Your drink will stay cool at a consistent temperature when out in the sun for multiple hours.

32. Captain’s Costume T-Shirt

In addition to the captain’s hat, this T-shirt goes all the way. It’s funny for any pontoon owner that wants to be a real captain.

33. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

When listening to music, you’ll want good audio. For a pontoon boater without a sound system or the need for the larger speaker in the list, this is perfect. Get sound on the go with a Bluetooth portable speaker. These provide loud volume and can be taken outside around by the water. This JBL speaker is even waterproof, so no worry about rain or spills.

34. Pontoon Boat Ramp

Loading and unloading coolers, equipment, pets, adults and children can be difficult on both docks and shores. A solid boat ramp makes this process much easier. Not to mention, this one is rated for up to 600 lbs with plenty of strength.

35. Ski Tow Bar

For towable tubes, water skiing, knee boards, and more! Get your tow rope above the wake to reduce drag with this ski bar. This works great for pontoons as the perfect water sports accessory, since most aren’t built for performance alone.

36. Center Console Cover

Keeping your center console safe from weather is crucial for long-term use. This cover provides UV protection and all-season durability.

37. 1-3 Rider Towable Tube

Fun with the family cannot get much better than with a towable tube. This 1 to 3 rider tube can fit 3 large men, 4 women, and 5 to 6 small kids at a time. It’s best to keep it out of the sun when not in use for it to last a long time.

38. PFD Life Vest

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to wear a PFD anytime you’re out on the water in case you happen to fall in. If you plan on having kids out on the boat, it can give you some ease of mind.

39. Emergency Light

If you’re ever caught in the dark with a pontoon boat, it’s best to keep an emergency light with you. This way, you can not only alert other boats that you’re there, but also it helps to light your path.

40. Waterproof Cellphone Lanyard

Keeping ahold of your cell phone when out on the water can be a bit risky. With a waterproof lanyard, you won’t have to worry about splashes, misplacing, or dropping your phone into the lake.

41. Quickdry Water Shoes

While not directly a pontoon boat accessory, a pair of water shoes helps a lot for maneuvering around the boat. You don’t want to be slipping and sliding all around when the deck gets wet from splashes.

42. Pontoon Deckhand

A deckhand will make retrieving your anchor much easier. It’s as simple as that. Instead of needing to reel it in manually, all you have to do is press a button.

43. Pontoon Boat Cover

Keeping good care of your pontoon boat is essential, and crucial for long-term durability. If you want your boat to last, then getting a pontoon boat cover is a great idea. This will protect the seats and interior materials from UV damage and weathering. You can read more in our guide to the best pontoon boat covers.

44. Fluke Style Anchor

Having an anchor keeps your boat in place. Of course! Yet, many people do not have a solid anchor if they’re new to pontoon boating. With this, you can secure your boat for when you want to park and swim or fish. You can read more in our guide to the best pontoon anchors.

45. Pet Loading Platform

Like people, dogs can benefit from a little help getting out of the water. With this pet loading platform, your doggie can get in and out of the water with ease. This is especially useful if you have an older dog with weaker knees. You can read more in our list of the best dog boat accessories.

46. Marine Caddy

Organized storage can be a challenge with all your gear in your pontoon boat. A compact marine caddy can hold your drink, phone, fishing supplies, and anything else you could think of.

47. Pontoon Boat Mirror

Staying safe on the water helps a whole lot when driving around in your boat. With this boat mirror, you can keep track of any boats trailing behind you or for when you’re in reverse.

48. Boat Umbrella

In addition to your boat’s bimini top, a large boat umbrella can help to add some more shade on the rest of your boat. With many passengers on a sunny day or with a longer pontoon boat, this can be quite useful.

49. Inflatable Water Platform

This one is an incredible add-on accessory for fun with the family. You can fully extend the usable space on your pontoon boat with this water platform. Not only that, it also folds up for convientient storage when not in use.

50. Marine Compass

One small item that can improve your navigational experience on your boat is the good-ole marine compass. This is a nice backup to a GPS, and as a style piece for some.


These pontoon boat accessories have been sourced from a variety of pontoon boaters to create the ultimate compiled list. This way, you get a diversified viewpoint of what you may need for your pontoon boat.

We hope this list helps you with your adventures and travels out on the water!

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Note: We may earn commissions from the links within this post.

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